Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall is knocking

I love this time of year when it cools off and the air seems cleaner. Even though it is only the first weekend of Sept., you can still feel the change. Just got in from walking my dog and it's dropped down to 12 Celsius.

We've had a smoking hot summer pushing 35+ Celsius too many times. Although a successful summer for my wife's tomato plant taking over the yard, it is too hot for me.

This summer we installed all new windows and last weekend we installed a new furnace. There goes the savings acct. Thanks going out to my brother-in-law for working so hard putting in the furnace on a wicked hot day. He earned the BBQ lunch. He was also smart enough to keep our AC unit hooked-up. Last week of temp was pushing 30+ again. He'll be back in August to install a new AC for next season.

Another good thing about this time of year, school starts again. Summer is great for our son who will be going into Grade 12. Home by 1 a.m., awake by 11 a.m. or so. Even though he has a job, it'll be nice to have him get better a structured day again.

So, the months tick by and the years keep rolling. It always amazes me how fast time can pass.
We've been in our home for almost 7 years now and we're hoping to get a few more upgrades done before we can put the sign on the lawn and find a bigger piece of land.

I sure my wife's tomato plant will be making the trip too.