Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yard Sale of Memories

When you see an item like this in a yard sale, you think, hmm.... $15 bucks, how's my butt feel in it, is it worth the price!

When I see this chair on my mother-in-law's driveway sadly wearing its price tag, I see where it sat in their original home. In the corner, tea cup on its right, word-find book on one arm, and the TV remote on the other, in close reach to my father-in-law.

This chair was loved by the family dog too. When not curled up in it, she would dart from it
to my father-in-law's lap as if she was protecting him, bark at you nervously and dart back.

The chair made its way 100km north to their new home. Carefully packed and transported, I'm sure the movers just saw it as another chair, to me, it was THE chair.

It ended its day at the yard sale, tested many times, but never purchased. We finally put it with the rest of the unwanted items with the last-gasp-for-life-sign on it, FREE!

The next day it was gone, the driveway empty. I wonder if the people who took it will put any thought into the memories it holds. Although it ended up without an offer, someone saw that it still has some more years. Who knows, with an updated upholstery, it may find its way through to another sale. Funny if I bought it.


b&g girl said...

looks like stuff, feels like stuff...but most stuff holds some kind of memory in it...that's why our lives are full of it.
but i'm happy you didn't buy!!!

WildBlack said...

I can feel the nostalgia!

kanishk said...

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