Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Full Zoooooom

I was fortunate enough to go north this weekend to my parents cottage. My dad places this suet outside the kitchen window. With my new lens, I am now able to pull this baby right in.

This shot of the Old City Hall in Toronto was taken from across the street. I'm pretty impressed with how I can bring in my subjects.

I'm sure as I find more interesting items to shoot and express my vision, my thoughts will grow with my pictures.


WildBlack said...

Thats Cool! I brought a new 70-300mm, but sigma. :)

SighMan said...

My longest lens is a 60mm macro! Until the day I get a 18-200 or longer, and some kind of mono/tripod, I'll have to make do with cropping :D nice lens, nice bird!

Paula said...

Nice! The bird is very cool but I'm loving that clock! Congrats on your new lens~

Bren said...

Wonderful photography.... I recently got a new camera and find your photography inspiring.
Stop by my garden blog sometime!

kanishk said...

Great composition like the shot very much.
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