Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Stills: Barns

As you can tell in the title, barns is this weeks Sunday Stills Challenge. Timing was good as I had to go to my parent's Sat. to help my dad. With a nice 2hrs. drive north through the back roads, I figured I could find the elusive barn...

then I came across this 'anti-barn'. Not sure the story behind why the siding is off, but I think it made for and interesting shot.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Still: Religion

I wasn't too sure if I could come up with this weeks Sunday Stills Challenge of religion.
Oddly enough, I didn't have much of an inspiration, then, on Sunday I was out with my wife to a talk on ground cover at a local herb farm, and this Saint was calling to me from under this tree.

So maybe after all, I found it.
It's simple, but it's something.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Still: Animals of Husbandry

Okay, not that I'm that uneducated, but I actually had to look up what this week's Sunday Challenge meant. After that, I thought how can I come up with an inspiring art piece picture that will lend a different take and get and understanding into what I think.

What a lot of my fellow bloggers seem to have: acreage, I have footage; multiple animals, I have a dog; feed, I have kibble; straw, my dog gets on the couch.

How can a, just outside of the city guy compete...........

After discussing with my wife the chores we had Sat., and the awful weather, here is my version of Animals of Husbandry. So far the hardest part has been trying to milk them.

So, your vote, Moo or Baaaaad (say it like a sheep)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Days

I've never taken a 'design' course. I haven't graduated from an Art College and don't have a bunch of fancy degrees behind my name like Professional Graphic Designer. I don't pull the wool over my clients' eyes so that I can charge big freak'n prices for some glorious image that when they end up getting it printed, hours need to be spent going through it and making it work properly for printing.

I keep wondering why it is that I seem to be the one who knows, most of the time, how to put files together properly for printing. I don't know how these people or companies seem to get farther ahead in life then me.

Is it that they are more confident in what they do? Better people skills? Sales skills? Or is it just that they actually believe they know it, or that the next person can deal with it. When it does get printed and look 'off', they question what happened. When they get pointed out how something should be supplied or laid-out, they just send it in the same way they always have, and you end up doing it all over again.

You wouldn't believe how many files I get from 'professionals' to print that have trim marks made up wrong, or not at all. Images with lazy-ass cover up picture frames rather then masking it properly. Spot colours with multiple tags for the same colour. Oh, and the old, I took 3 months to design it, what do you mean it will take 4 days to get printed!

Some days I wish my wife and I could just stay at home. She could do her passion of gardening, and I could take pictures, create and hang out with my dog. I wish I could take him around to hang out with others, but there it is again, I haven't been able to train him to greet any. He goes NUTS!

How is it that others find out what it is they are supposed to be doing and stay motivated? Guess I'll keep searching.

One thing I do know, my wife and I need more land and less house.