Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sunday I was walking my dog while wearing a light jacket, saw a robin and thought, nice, spring is around the corner. Next thing I know, the temperature drops and I'm buried in my Eddie Bower parka again.

My mornings start at 5:45 when the alarm sounds, I do my morning routine upstairs, then head down to get my wife's travel coffee started and have breakfast. If I forget to make it, I totally get razed.

I head over to the fridge to get the milk for my cereal and do a double take at the thermometer.
This is actually my thermometer. Holy smokes... MINUS 17 Celsius. That converts to 1.4 Fahrenheit. That's freak'n cold no matter what measurement you use.

When my wife comes down, we both roll our eyes and bitch about how bloody cold it is. We pack our lunches, I grab the coffee and we dart off to the GO Train to muck through our days at work.

Even thought it is freezing out, the sky is wonderfully blue, the sun is beaming and I think about how fun it would be to be walking my dog in the cold.

I have enjoyed this winter, but it really is time for spring. We get to Spring Forward our clocks this weekend for Daylight Savings and it is only 1 week till the official start. But this is Ontario, so that really means we have a couple of more weeks.

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Andrea said...

I hear ya...so ready for Spring!! I didn't realize it was Daylight Savings this weekend...whahoooo!! And thanks for the heads up...I would have been late...no early...no late...all day Sunday!! :)