Saturday, March 14, 2009

Remembering Nature

We all have certain things that reminds us of people and places in our lives. One of the things that reminds me of my dad and the cottage is the common loon. Some evenings growing up on Nottawasaga Bay, we would sit by the lake and he would call out his best imitation of it's Tremolo. If you have a minute, check that link for the vary unique and haunting sound.

Although that sound always places me at the cottage with the family, I have grown found of the call of the Red-winged Blackbird.

I actually took this picture. If you click on it, it will view a lot nicer.
Saving up for a Telephoto lens.

I'm fortunate enough, until they plow it over, to be able to walk my dog Coal in by farmer's field that has a bit of a marsh around it which the Red-wings love to sit on the grasses. Yesterday I left work early to get home and walk Coal. It was -2C out and beautifully sunny. As this wonderful sound broke through the marsh grass, I felt at piece and for a moment forgot about some of the concerns that keep me up at night. When we take a moment to listen to nature, it is amazing how such a simple natural sound can slow us down and make us feel like we belong.

I know life continuously changes, but one of the things that I will always hold onto is the fact that for a little time in life, I enjoyed walks in the farmer's field with my dog.


Andrea said...

I know exactly what you mean. :)

Ed said...

Very nice loon pic, when you are ready may I suggest the Sigma 50-500mm its a vert nice long lens, sturdy and vestatile.