Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Justice or

Okay, I might be going back along way with this one. I am pretty sure it was back in afternoon kindergarten.
I don't have a great memory for too many things that have happened in my life, but a couple have stuck.

I remember getting this amazing Batmobile for Christmas in the mid sixties. I was playing with it one day (before Christmas) when my parents asked me where I got it from. Seeing that I wasn't old enough to catch on to the tone in my mom's voice, I said it had my name on it under the tree. Well, that was the wrong answer, it was taken away until the actual day came and my parents were still nice enough to give it to me anyway.
So here comes the justice part.
We were told we could bring something to school to play with, I loved that Batmobile so it was the first thing I thought of. I remember that at nap time we put our things into a cupboard so they wouldn't get misplaced. Well misplaced it was. I haven't seen that thing since the nap lights went back on. I'm sure someone was playing with it for many days right in the yard and I couldn't figure it out.
That was one of my favourite shows growing up, and it took me a few years to realize that the theme song only had one word in it..... BATMAN, along with a bunch of nanna, nannas.


b&g girl said...

i had a batmobile too! adam west rocks!

MariesImages said...

aww, sorry to hear that. My 3 wheeler was stolen in my driveway, in the early 60's, somethings you just don't forget~